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Rare Humboldt Seeds Genetics at KillaBeez – Very Hard to Find!

In these strange times, Humboldt Seeds are especially hard to come by! Most Retailers are now completely sold out since Dinafem’s recent forced closure (which we hope to be temporary).  

So as an extra special treat, we have decided to promo some of Humboldt Seeds finest delights with an exclusive competition to win some now very rare, collectable Humboldt Seeds.

The following prizes are will be listed on the the platforms listed near the bottom of this post:

  1. Humboldt Seeds Bubba’s Gift 3 Seeds
  2. Humboldt Seeds Desert Diesel 3 Seeds
  3. Humboldt Seeds OGKZ 10 Seeds
  4. Humboldt Seeds TrainWreck 10 Seeds
  5. Humboldt Seeds Lemon Thai Kush 5 Seeds
  6. Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream 10 Seeds
  7. Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream Auto 5 Seeds
  8. Humboldt Seeds Blue Dream CBD 10 Seeds
  9. Humboldt Seeds Mango Sapphire 3 Seeds
  10. Humboldt Seeds Lemon Kush Headband 10 Seeds
  11. Humboldt Seeds Lost Coast OG 5 Seeds
  12. Humboldt Seeds OG Kush Auto 3 Seeds
  13. Humboldt Seeds Gorilla Breath 10 Seeds
  14. Humboldt Seeds Bubba Kush 10 Seeds

Please note that if you live outside of the UK we will potentially remove the wooden packaging and place the seeds hidden inside a model plane since this is the best way to get them through. 

Humboldt’s Signature Blue Dream Strain Is Just One Prize You Can Win

Humboldt Seeds is home to many classic strains including Green Crack and Trainwreck, but none is so beloved as Blue Dream. This Blueberry Haze continues to be a top seller at California’s best dispensaries but nothing substitutes for the quality that comes with fine home-grown weed carefully cultivated with care and love. That’s why you should definitely want to win these seeds! 

With Blue Dream you get massive, commercial-sized yields made up with towering, spear-shaped colas that practically glow with an eerie silvery blue hue that’s to an excessive amount of resin crystals. Perfect for extracts, this Sativa-dominant strain sends your head soaring within minutes before settling down into a comfortable stone that squeezes that last bit of stress out of your body. Expect the buzz the hang around for at least an hour, often much longer. It’s truly the stuff of dreams!


Thank you to everyone for taking part. Congratulations to all the winners listed below.


Prize 1 OGKZ 10 Seeds –  Andrew Dewaal

Prize 2 Trainwreck 10 Seeds  – Jeff Whitehursts



Prize 1 Lemon Thai Kush – rolla__j

Prize 2 Blue Dream 10 Seeds – dabsmoker4200



Prize 1 Blue Dream Auto 5 Seeds – elishere65

Prize 2 Lemon Kush Headband 10 Seeds –NiGHTMARE



Prize 1 MangoSapphire 3 Seeds – GrowGlow

Prize 2 Bubba Kush 10 Seeds – Cannabug 

Prize 1 Gorilla Breath 10 Seeds – TheWholeTruth

Prize 2 OG Kush Auto 3 Seeds – tkmk



Prize 1 Bubbas Gift 3 Seeds – Comacus

Prize 2 , Lost Coast OG 5 Seeds – anonymous4289



Prize 1 Desert Diesel 3 Seeds – leif.n***

Prize 2 Blue Dream CBD  10 Seeds –d***



Winners please follow these instructions to claim your prize. Please email hi[AT]killabeez-seedbank before the 07th January 2020, please include the following details:

  • The Prize you won
  • Your Name & Address 
  • A screenshot of your profile

Team KillaBeez




89 replies on “Rare Humboldt Seeds Genetics at KillaBeez – Very Hard to Find!”

I would like to win just because Humboldt seeds are such great genetics and i would love to grow something from them at the beginning of next year.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Blue dream cbd sounds like a blessing in disguise. A wonderful plant, easy to grow and bountiful harvest, this could be the cbd plant I’ve been searching for. Eager to try the desert diesel as well, sounds like another winner

I would love to try these Killabeez, I only here good things about Humboldt Seeds, thanks for the opportunity on another great giveaway.

Tasmania is so small and seeds are inbred …its so hard to get seeds here , I’d love Humboldt seeds as they are the best in the world …😊 please choose me …merry Christmas to everyone xv

Why should i win? Maybe because I started a collection this year and by winning one of these awesome prizes I will be happy to add it to this one. Humboldt Seeds has some exceptional genetics and it would be an honor to have some.

Hope this is just a temp thing and they can continue doing what they do!

I have only have the pleasure of seeing a friend grow a Trainwreck and would love to grow their genetics.

Yessssssss! I would love to win those Blue Dream CBD seeds 💕💕💕💕 also the dessert diesel of course 😜 thanks a bunch killabeez team 😊🍀

Would love to win any of hso seeds have grown a few of there strains currently running mint choc og very pleased merry Christmas all ☮️

Was hearing some great things about whatever comes from the emerald triangle, should you win, it would be a great opportunity to try for myself

Awesome giveaway! Thanks eh. Blue dream cbd from Humboldt sounds perfect!. A wonderful plant, easy to grow and bountiful harvest, Also like to try the desert diesel as well, sounds like another winner from what I’ve heard to be the best of the best! Humboldt

I would be so honored and blessed to win these remarkable seeds. Good solid strains are so hard to come by and very costly in these strange times. Thanks for the chance

Humboldt Seeds are one of my favorite breeders ,I loved all of the OGKZ crosses and Black D.O.G has been a staple since its release. hope they are able to come back I hate the thought of them being gone for good, Thanks for the chance

Humboldt seeds amurhurst diesel came out the tops. They are beautiful resin encrusted spears just dripping in goodness, I can only imagine the desert diesel. But if they’ve been made by Humboldt seeds they have got to be awesome. Ive got to get to try some of these before ther gone. Thanks KillaBeez

Oh my day’s would love to be so lucky only thing is never really seem to have much luck with things like this but here goes finger’s crossed and thanks for the chance heard nothing but great things about humbolt seeds good luck everyone and may the best stoners win peace out

Currently in the process of gathering as many Humboldt mothers as possible. Who knows what’s gonna happen with them in the future, and seed’s are already impossible to come by.

Woah gotta give this one a go. Awesome cheers guys for all the opportunities.
Stay safe. Seasonal greetings to all the BEEZ

Would love to give the green thumb to Humbolt seeds. I think it would be an eye opener for Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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