Barneys Farm Seeds

Barneys Farm

Quality dutch genetics from the big boys at Barneys Farm!

00 Seeds

00 Seeds

Only the Finest Indica-Dominant Strains!

Anesia Seeds

Aneisa Seeds

Extra High THC with all the best traits baked in!

TasteBudz Seeds


Premium Quality Cannabis Hybrids with intense flavour and stable genetics!



FastBuds specialises in autoflowering strains famous for StarDawg Auto

Don Avalanche Seeds

Don Avalanche

Top genetics like Biscotti & Cherry Pie

High THC Seeds

High THC

Super Potent High THC Strains with OVER 20% THC reported!

High Yield Seeds

High Yield

Need more? Check out these branch breakers. Up to 1 kg each!

CBD Strains

CBD Strains

Radical medical marijuana seeds with

5 to 20% CBD.

High THC Auto

High THC Auto

Next generation seeds with over 15% THC - no compromises here.

Autoflowering Seeds

Auto Seeds

No time to waste? These seeds won't make you wait.

Short Height Strains

Short Height

Bred specifically for tight spaces like patios, balconies & closets!

KillaBeez Cannabis Seeds

We thrive on being different! We carefully select all the cannabis seeds listed on our site. Our prices are more than fair, and we add plenty of free seeds to every single order regardless of size, including free stealth packaging for international orders and an industry-disrupting 100% satisfaction promise that absolutely no other cannabis seedbank is brave enough to make. 

Top Cannabis Seeds

Fast Buds

Drenched in resin well before harvest, Wedding Cheesecake Auto is truly potent at 24% THC. This beginner-friendly...

Short Height Strains

Delve into the taste explosion that is 00 Seeds Chocolate Cream Auto. This tiny powerhouse is a relaxing Indica with...

Barneys Farm...

Beautiful and tasty, Watermelon Zkittlez oozes with ripe melon & tropical fruit aromas & flavours. Yields and...

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Out of stock

Anesia Seeds

The multiple awards under Auto OG Nova's belt should speak volumes for its quality. However, if you're still in doubt,...