Cash Crop Auto

550 gr, 70 Days, 22% THC!

Cream of the Crop Seeds
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These Seeds Don't Cost A Million ... But They're Worth It!

If anyone ever combined massive yields with raging power & commercial yields with total success, it was Fast Buds. With their high-performing Cash Crop Auto, this breeder just erased compromise from the dictionary for good. These fully autoflowering seeds pump out 550 gr/m2 yields in 70 days or less while maintain a full 22% THC & a killer head high that'll reach out & never let you go!

  • Cash Crop Auto Time = 70 Days From Seed Max
  • Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto - Brilliant!
  • A Full 22% THC - Unbelievable But Totally True

The flavour & aroma are wicked good, too. She's sweet, but not too sweet, with just the right amount of earthy Skunk. The Northern Lights does tone down the Skunky notes from Big Bud Auto, but don't get it twisted; the fragrance is detectable from a distance. Get your odour control in order as soon as you pull the trigger on these cannabis seeds. You have been warned!

Cash Crop Auto Seeds Make High Yields Easy For Everyone!

NB: Germination and cultivation are not allowed if you buy your marijuana seeds from Feminized Seeds. These products are intended to be used strictly as collectible souvenirs.