Feminized SeedBanks

Established proven feminized cannabis genetics from Europes Top Feminized Seed Banks. All of our Feminized Seed Banks have a established history or providing premium robust cannabis genetics from Spain and the Netherlands. We have an awesome relationship with all the seed banks listed here - their products are awesome and we get great feedback from them . We were work very closely with all our listed seed breeders and offer a 100% cannabis seed guarantee on all cannabis seeds.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds were first available for retail by Dutch Passion in the 1980’s, since then Feminized cannabis seeds have become enormously popular and now completely replace the market for regular non feminized cannabis seeds.

  • 100% Premium Quality Feminized Strains

  • Established Feminized Seed Banks

  • Europes Top Feminized Seed Banks

  • 1st Choice for Feminized Seed Banks

With all major seed banks providing an entirely feminized cannabis seed range, you’ll find a vast choice of cannabis seeds available, each and ever one with its entirely unique set of properties.