Feminized SeedBanks

What’s our secret to getting the top feminized seeds? It’s easy if you’re closely partnered with Europe’s top feminized seed banks. Every vendor below has an established history providing unbeatable cannabis genetics at equally unbeatable prices! A lot of people use the old adage “you get what you pay for.” In this case, however, Killabeez prefers “rules are meant to be broken.” In other words, we don’t believe premium seeds should have premium price tags. Killabeez even steps up the savings with those same quality products included as free bonuses with each order! And no, there isn’t a catch. These are just the results of years spent forging important connections with the most incredible feminized seed banks in Spain and the Netherlands..

Advanced Female Seeds feminized
Anesia Feminized Seeds
Barneys Farm Feminized Seeds
Big Head Feminized Seeds
Bomb Seeds Feminized
Critical Mass Collective Feminized
Cream of the Crop Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Dutch Passion Feminized Seeds
G13 Labs Feminized Seeds
Dr Krippling Feminized Seeds
Don Avalanche Feminized Seeds
Feminised Seeds
Penthouse Feminized Seeds
Royal Queen Feminized Seeds
Top Shelf Elite Feminized Seeds
Yieldmonger Feminized
00 Feminized Seeds

Cannabis use for food and materials dates back several millenia, possibly to the dawn of agriculture around 10,000 years ago. But those neolithic farmers didn’t have access to feminized cannabis seeds. Those seeds weren’t available until the 1980’s, when a revolutionary seed bank called Dutch Passion introduced the products for retail. Thanks to their pioneering efforts feminized cannabis seeds are everywhere. And of course that accomplishment more than earned Dutch Passion a place on our exclusive list of partners.