Barneys Farm Seeds

Barneys Farm

Barneys Farm founded by the great Derry. This seedbank is the original big boy old school.
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Big Head Seeds

Big Head

Big Head, producing some of the finest quality strains available today.
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Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds proud genetics boast quality, quantity, strength, speed and vigour.
Bomb Seeds

Critical Mass Collectives

Critical Mass Collective

Each small batch is trackable by individual serial number for maximum freshness and viability.
Critical Mass Collective

Cream of the Crop Cannabis Seeds

Cream of the Crop

Fems and AutoFems at Cream of the Crop of the highest quality, they're high-yielding and extremely potent too.
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420 FastBuds

Fast Buds

Fast Buds developed stagggering Feminized Autflowering genetics offering bigger, stronger, and more powerful strains.
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G13 Labs Sees

G13 Labs

From their slightly kinky logo to their super-secret breeding rooms, G13 Labs operates with the utmost precision.
G13 Labs

Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt Seeds

Powerful American genetics, Humboldt Seeds are second to none.
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Dr Krippling Seeds

Dr Krippling Seeds

These premium feminized seeds are ceiling free tolerance-busters with soaring THC levels & massive yields.
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Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds , have been around since the start of time, quality genetics which have been established for over a decade.
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Top Shelf Elite Seedss

Top Shelf Elite Seeds

Top Shelf Elite Seeds , max THC, intense flavour, thick resin, fast speeds, high yields and total stability. No exceptions!
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