Genuine Cannabis Seedbanks

Fully loaded Cannabis SeedBanks are listed on this SeedBank Page. We carefully select the breeders we work with - we only sell reputable seedbanks with a prooven track record of sourcing new up-to date cannabis genetics. The Cannabis Seeds market is a dynamic industry, cannabis trends, genetics and technology are always changing, we like to list the Seedbanks who keep up with the times.

Advanced Female Seeds
Anesia Seeds
Barneys Farm Seeds
Big Head Seeds
Bomb Seeds
Critical Mass Collective
Cream of the Crop Cannabis Seeds
Don Avalanche Seeds
Dutch Passion Seed Company
420 FastBuds
Feminised Seeds
G13 Labs Seeds
Dr Krippling Seeds
Penthouse Seeds
Pyramid Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds
Tastebudz Seeds
Top Shelf Elite Seeds
yieldmonger Seeds
00 Seeds

We’ve got good relationships with all our retailing seed banks - we’ve established dynamic trusting relationships over years of hard work, communications and meetings. Most seed banks retailed at Killabeez are Dutch and Spanish Seed Banks, we’re in contact with each Seed bank frequently ensuring our cannabis seeds catalogue always has the latest releases with the very latest strain information. Our personal relationship with each breeder helps us get the best pricing available - which is why our Killlabeez Seedbank Prices are so competitive . Great Seed bank relations have helped us secure obtain a large supply of differing promo cannabis seeds which are in turn given for free on each order..