The Feminized Seeds Store

KillaBeez Seedbank proviudes a refreshingly different exeperince when it comes to online purchasing of cannabis seeds

  • Same-Day Shipping: 97%
  • International Shipments Received Safely: 100%
  • Free Bullet-Proof Guarantee 100%
  • Email Response Times: 1.2 Hours
  • Top Condition Cannabis Seeds: Every Single One!

A young seed bank, our approach to selling cannabis seeds is fresh and new with free VIP perks that no other seed bank offers - like our bullet-proof guarantee that protects your order no matter what. 

We deliver next day to the UK with super-quick, expedited shipping to the rest of the world

10K Seeds

Well over 10k Seeds Banked. Neatly categorized to help you choose the best genetics for you. 

Best Gift Seeds

Totally free, well sought after - top-name, high-quality cannabis seeds are added to every order.


Stealth Experts

No matter how good we do everything else, it would all be for naught if your seeds did not arrive. That's why we make a science out of stealth shipping!


Global Appeal

At KillaBeez, we love diversity. In that spirit, we're a seed company without borders offering fast, global shipping for all!


Shiny Happy People

KillaBeez is made up exclusively of shiny, happy people. That includes the boss, our team, our breeders & especially you, our customer. Welcome aboard!


To be blunt, you'd be mad to shop online anywhere else for your cannabis seeds!