Free Cannabis Seeds


Established in 2016 Killabeez Seeds isn’t your ordinary seed bank. We’re not here just to provide top-quality premium cannabis seeds - although we’re darn good at it. There’s much more to us than what we sell. Anyone can provide a massive library of seeds. But how do we know if they’re better than the rest? The secret is in the source.

When you buy from Killabeez, you get carefully-selected products from top-tier suppliers in the U.S. and Europe. Speaking of supplying, be assured that you’ll receive every shipment we send. Thanks to our meticulous “stealth” packing technique, your order is undetectable. The only prying eyes will be yours as you excitedly open the box. We’re equally proud of our unbeatable dedication to customer service. After all, Killabeez is only here because of you. But while some seed banks are happy with a polite “thank you” with your receipt, we believe actions speak louder than words. So, we want to give back - a way of saying thanks for supporting our dream.

There’s no better way to do that than with free stuff - specifically, a bonus bag of seeds! These products are just as high-quality, with stock frequently rotated, so you never get bored. All purchases, large or small, get a generous helping of free premium feminized seeds—no fine print. No catch. No “only valid on rainy Tuesdays with a $3000 order.” These bonus seeds aren’t just old, unwanted inventory. The same free products you receive are the same ones you’ll find on our shelves! Does this mean we don’t have incredible sales and promotions? Of course not!

There’s always something special going on at Killabeez, literally and figuratively. You’ll always find fantastic deals and savings, no matter when you visit - and yes, you always get free seeds! Everyone loves getting things for free, so you probably wouldn’t miss a chance to save your hard-earned money - unless you’re Elon Musk or something. However, please note that, due to Brexit, we can’t guarantee the free seeds will match what’s advertised. If that’s the case, don’t worry. We’ll send you an alternative.


Free Stuff with all orders!