Autoflowering strains


Autflowering strains are usually harvestable in under 10 weeks. These are Seriously Fast!
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High THC Strains

High THC

22% THC + strains listed here. These are our strongest most potent lineage available.
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High Yield Seeds

High Yield Strains

All our highest yielding cannabis strains with a minimum of 500g/m2 are neatly listed here.
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High THC Auto

High THC Auto

High THC Strains available in feminized autoflowering.
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Short Strains

Short Height

Strains suitable for low height indoor environments can be found neatly stashed here.
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High CBD Strains

CBD Seeds

Strains with high cbd content and medical content, fully loaded and totally stable.
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Indica Strains

Indica Seeds

Known for their fat leaves and short flowering cycles, these are also small plants.
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Sativa Strains

Sativa Strains

Taller plants with thinner leaves, cerbal highs notes. Check our Indica collection out here.
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Fast flowering Strains

Fast Flowering

Feminized Strains ready within 50 days, thats fast are compile for your swiftness!
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