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Don Avalanche Promo – Don Girl Scout Cookies – 8 Prizes

Don Avalanche Seeds have been very well received by our loyal customer base since we added them to our seed vault! If you haven’t already heard about Don Avalanche then it’s time you had. These guys have been experimenting with rare genetic crosses for over 20 years , and their established don-range is awesome!

For that reason, we decided to create an awesome competition for you to win some of Dons finest Don Girl Scout Cookies!

Don Girl Scout Cookies

Don GSCDon Girl Scout Cookies by Don Avalanche is super powerhouse Girl Scout Cookies Strain. Incredibly potent, 60% Indica amd 28% THC  – Jesus!

These buds are a deep green and positively covered in glistening trichomes. As such, they can look almost white in the right lighting. The leaves are an even darker pallour, edging into purple on the peripheries. Orange pistils protrude across the flowers… something we all like to see.

HOW TO Win Don Girl Scout Cookies – 16 PRIZES!

Don Girl Scout Cookies
Win Don Girl Scout Cookies

Win Don Avalanche Seeds Don Girl Scout Cookies 3 Seeds. We have 16 Prizes in total to give away. To Enter please leave a  comment below, but you can also participate on the other 8 platforms listed. We welcome your participation!

Please comment telling us something unique about Don Avalanche Seeds! Winners will be announced on THIS blog post – 16th April 2021. Please don’t forget to check back then! 

Rules – We can only ship to Europe, USA & Canada & Australia.

  1. 420Mag: Comment on THIS POST  
  2. Facebook: Comment on THIS POST 
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  4. GrowRoom420: Comment on THIS POST
  5. THC Talk: Comment on THIS POST 
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  8. This Blog: Comment in comments section below!

Good luck , this one’s about to be a mad one!


Winners are listed below – CONGRATULATIONS!

Winners – to claim your prize please follow these intructions no later than the 22nd Aptril 2021  2.In your please include proof of winning profile, full name , address and country.

I will reply with tracking numbers in 12 days or I will reply immediately to let you know some information is missing.

  1. 420Mag: Brewsteman & Tkmk  
  2. Facebook: Stan Echols & Elie Tondeur
  3. Instagram: valentas99 & lime.melnychuk 
  4. GrowRoom420: ilikeplants & ILlegalyGrowing
  5. THC Talk: cardinal55 & Tommy Tutone
  6. rockethoe & Cannacanadian
  7. OverGrow: curiouscat & christx
  8. This Blog: gr420r*** & es***

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40 replies on “Don Avalanche Promo – Don Girl Scout Cookies – 8 Prizes”

I must admit it’s the first time I’ve heard of Don avalanche but now that I have I’m very impressed!
Been going since 1978 eh, must be nearly as old as me!

Don avalanche seeds marketing skills are definitely unique, their promotion definitely got me looking at the website. Sign me up

28% should be good for anyone wanting to sleep and hopefully help people with pain as well.
Thanks for the opportunity @Killabeez-seedbank

Never heard about Don Avalanche Seeds before, but I’d love to try them out. New genetics are always welcomed!
Thanks for the opportunity KillaBeez!

The classic genetics used as parents for Don Girl Scout Cookies has me intrigued, as well as the high THC potential. Would love to try this gem on for size. Thanks for the opportunity #KillaBeezSeeds & Don Avalanche Seeds

Black Sheep 420

There is a Killer Bees Comedian, there is a Killer Bees movie. There is even a Killer Bees wrestling tag team. But only Killer Beez with knock you on your ass!

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