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00 Seeds Bank Top 3 Auto’s

00 Seeds are swiftly becoming some of our most highly sought-after collectable cannabis strains. Since we’ve listed them, we’ve watched their popularity spiral upwards – popular with experienced connoisseur growers and newcomers alike!

00 Seeds genetics are amazing and their strain line-up is awesome; We were properly impressed! 00 Seeds has received some impressive feedback from our loyal customers too!

For that reason, we decided to list 00 Seedbanks Top 3 Auto strains for you to drool all over !

Agree or disagree with our faves? Like and comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

1. Auto Northern Lights

00 Seeds Auto Northern LightsAuto Northern Lights by 00 Seeds is definitely the finest autoflowering Northern Lights we have ever seen. Sweet, Yet Spicy this one is harvestable in 85 days and produced scorching buds which deliver an intense buzz!


This fully automatic version of the very first cannabis seed developed specifically for indoor cultivation is a true classic that everyone should try at least once. Staying under a meter virtually every single time, 00 Seeds Auto Northern Lights barely needs any space even though these ladies quickly pack on the flowers and the resin.  

Genetics are mostly Indica for a rich, long-lasting body buzz that’s perfect for restful nights, stress relief and the vast majority of physical ailments. The mental high, on the other hand, is more subtle for a happy, calm chill that’ll definitely give you a more positive attitude. Why not grab your pack of Auto Northern Lights today? 

2. Auto Blueberry

00 Seeds Auto Blueberry

This is a little plant which packs a serious punch. Auto Blueberry takes all the necessary ingredients from its photoperiod predecessors, and somehow fits them into a plant which can grow to as little as 70cm, with an indoor maximum of 90cm.


Fueled by 18% THC, 00 Seeds Auto Blueberry delivers a punch of power that’s only rivaled by the equally strong forest-fruit flavour. Soon after the sweet taste tantalizes your palate, the bone-deep stone and chill mental high will take over setting you up for a very pleasant night indeed. Some would even describe this delightfully automatic as slightly sensual.

But, don’t take our word for it. Pick up 5 pack of this Automatic Blueberry strain today and put these ladies through their paces. We’re sure you’ll find them to be totally stable, extremely homogenous and ultra productive. You can’t go wrong!

3. Auto Chocolate Cream 

Auto Blueberry 00 SeedsAuto Chocolate Cream is a delicious, small plant with generous yields. A perfect strain for those who adore deep relaxation of both mind and body. It is a mostly Indica strain, meaning that it is gentle and robust.

At 17% THC, Chocolate Cream Auto is plenty strong, but that’s not the main attraction. For these 00 Seeds, it’s all about the flavour! Smooth as silk, the creamy milk chocolate sensations that flow across ALL your taste buds are guaranteed to satisfy your need for sweet, sinful decadence. Yum!

00 Seeds Chocolate Cream Auto Seeds are also an dabber’s wet dream! Put these little resin factories under strong LEDs and you’ll be concentrating in no time. We kid you not – by the 5 week mark, you’ll see THC crystals completely coating the sugar leaves and dripping onto the fans!


64 replies on “00 Seeds Bank Top 3 Auto’s”

Hey OKC is dialed in and ready for this Northern Lights. New to the medical scene of growing and would the opportunity.

Awesome giveaway, auto northern lights my fav💚I’m in.Would love to win.!!Thanks for the opportunity😁✌

Would love to win these ,haven’t had puff of northern lights in years ,
Would love to win and grow these girls 🙂

Northern lights is a very nice strain and would look good in my greenhouse with my other autos through the summer

I have some strains from 00 but not auto northern lights would love to try it one day. I have chocolate cream now couldn’t get first seed to pop so i moved on but I’ll try it again later on.

First time I went to Amsterdam I fell in love with the strain. Helped me cope with anxiety without getting too tired. Been a fan ever since. Would be awesome to finally grow my own. Thanks for the opportunity!

Would love to win the Northern Light Auto due to its medical properties which is what i need. Thanks for the opportunity.

no doubt that Northern Lights is a legendary strain
i was not able to put my hands on Auto Northern Lights seeds so far

so this will be a great experience

it is a very good genetic !! easy to work! it will be very good in my collections! : p thank you for this opportunity !! 🙂

Northern lights have been in my experience a strain what bring happy vibes, tranquility and body relaxation, this is what I need in my life to manage with my body conditions to get proper rest, the best effects from canna flowers at night, I never have chance to grow it and I think Autoflower is just Ideal timing 😁👍

Wow , Thankyou for the opportunity,
I’ve got a Auto NL from a diff seedbank to pop and think It would be cool to run them alongside each other for comparison. Failing that it was one of the 1st strains I ever remember smoking

Usually grow the NL Auto from vision and love it.
Howeve just jarred these up and snuck a taste. Not all NL Autos are created equal. Big, solid nugs, tastes lovely and the chill is amazing

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