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WIN Tastebudz bubble Runtz – 16 Prizes

Tastebudz have developed a superb range of utterly flavoursome and truly delicious buds, thankfully these insane flavour profile boasting genetics are now captured in very stable, reliable and resilient seed form.

TasteBudz most talked about strain has to be Bubble Runtz AKA Bad Boy Runtz, this baby has sold like hotcakes since we listed TasteBudz in our online cannabis seed store

TasteBudz Bubble Runtz

Tastebudz Bubble Runtz
Tastebudz Bubble Runtz

It’s no wonder Runtz strains have gained so much popularity, and Bubble Runtz from Tastebudz is no exception. By breeding two favourites, Runtz x Bubble Gum, we’ve got an Indica dominant hybrid which is worth growing. With 22% THC, it’s strong. Despite the Indica dominance, the high is surprisingly elevating. It’s euphoric too.

Yields don’t get much better than Bubble Runtz. Indoors, expect a whopping 600 – 800gr/m2. These yields are seriously big. And it gets better. Outdoors, this plant can achieve almost unbelievable yields of 1500gr per plant! If you grow a few of these, you’ll have more weed than you know what to do with… doesn’t sound too bad! It’s medium sized plant, fitting into most grows. Although, you can imagine that due to such yields it will need space to thrive.

HOW TO Win Bubble Runtz – 10 PRIZES!

Bubble Runtz

Win TasteBudz BubbleRuntz 3 Seeds. We have 16 Prizes in total to give away. To Enter please leave a  comment below, you can also participate on the other platforms listed. We welcome your participation!

Please comment telling us which are. your top 3 strains and why  – from Tastbudz listed on our site. Winners will be announced on THIS blog post around the  20th oct 2021  or thereabouts Please don’t forget to check back then! – we are pretty flat out right now sending orders out to happy customers so sorry if we are a few days late.

Rules – We can only ship to UK, Europe, USA & Canada & Australia. 

Please check the law in your own country before entering – please remember cannabis seeds are for given or sold for collection purposes only since germination of cannabis seeds is illegal is most counties.

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Good luck , this one’s about to be a mad one!

Bubble Runtz Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners who have been listed below, winners please follow the instructions listed further down to claim your prize:

  1. 420Mag:  Winners: charliewaffles & Morda Grown
  2. Facebook: Winners: Chris Duncan & Cave T Crafter
  3. Instagram: Winners: danboyle_1 & jessewilliams84
  4. OverGrow: Winners: BigBoss & Cormoran
  5. This Blog: Winners: Salvatore scandale, ChronicMcBudz &

To claim your prize you must contact is before 01st Nov 2021. Failure to do so will result in your prizes being donated to other winners.

Please email hi@killabeez-seedbank dot a screen shot of your winning profile logged in so we can see its you. Include your full name and address including country. 

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30 replies on “WIN Tastebudz bubble Runtz – 16 Prizes”

My top strain would be Back To the Future #2. Anything with even a hint of Alien strain in it is going to be a winner.
My other choices would be Hash Cake and Mac Muffin, for their promise of relaxation.

Gelonade- For the potential gas
Back to the future #2- For chilling/relaxing
Mac Muffin- For a tasty blueberry bite

Some interesting strains ya got there indeed.

i would like the hash cake, refreshers, and the bubble runtz, why because they look like something i could grow and get good pictures of and put them all over the social media, thats why

The taste of Peanut Butter Cookies, along with the Bubble Runtz and Reefereshers would be fantastic in my 4X4 tent, grown DWC style.

I’m suffering from GrowVid. Plants went into quarantine and never came out..I fear they have been assimilated into permanent government lockdown and have been secretly torched by a lackeys pocket lighter. 😜 I could stand to win some seeds.

PURPLE PUNCH AUTO – It looks gorgeous. And I never grew a purple strain
MAC MUFFIN – Amazing lineage.
VANILLA FROSTING – I need something to get me off the couch after a session with MAC

Reefereshers is just an awesome name.
Peanut Butter Cookies for the taste & smell
Vanilla Frosting for the same, taste & smell

Peanut Butter Cookies – because all things penutbutter AND do-si-dos, MAC Muffins – for the mellow high it gives me, Grape Gushers – grape phenos are a favorite!!

Vanilla frosting sounds so yummy
Peanut Butter cookies, would make tasty butter for Peanut Butter Cookies
Purple Punch Auto, I like to run autos along with photos for perpetually bud

Back to the future has a mean heritage has to be number one

Mac muffin sounds delicious an banana smoothie gotta be a go to for a sunday

Good luck gromies

Peanut Butter Cookies and Bubble Runtz sound tasty, and just what I need for my neuropathy, and the Hash Cake sounds like it would be great to make edibles!

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