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Win your choice of any Strain from our website for leaving an honest review! #cannabisseeds #killabeezseeds

A ton of exciting new cannabis seeds have dropped at Killabeez Cannabis Seeds and now we’re asking you to get involved. We’re offering our loyal customers the chance to win their pick from our newest and most Killa strains.  You read that right – you could win anything that catches your fancy from our vast and superb collection of cannabis seeds.

Everyone has their unique preferences when it comes to cannabis seeds so we’re letting 8 lucky winners choose ANY 10-pack from the Killbeez collection! This is your absolute best chance to get your dream strain for absolutely free!

In order to be in with a chance, all you need to do is leave us a review making sure you include the 2 hashtags #cannabisseeds #killabeezseeds in your comments. There are 4 platforms where we invite you to leave us with an informative & honest review. Winners to be drawn on or around the 25th November:

 –  Facebook Review  ( 2 prizes)

 –  TrustPilot Review  ( 2 prizes)

 –  Seed Finder Review  ( 2 prizes)

 –  SeedAdvisor Review  ( 2 prizes)

Good Luck to Everyone


Thank you to everyone for taking part , winners listed below. If you are a lucky winner please contact hi[@], please include your address and also proof you are winner!

Facebook: Sissi Green , Lucas Damien

TrustPilot: Joel Spiegel , Random Makes

Seed Advisor: Doug Dawson

Team KillaBeez



20 replies on “Win your choice of any Strain from our website for leaving an honest review! #cannabisseeds #killabeezseeds”

#killabeezseeds is a good company to bye from. Orders always ontime and good customer service if needed. And good quality #seeds no complaints

wasn’t going to leave a review until I received this win a strain email. it says to leave an honest one so here goes. I ordered back in March was satisfied mostly with the price, and the option for stealth was cool. the shipping was accurate even with the pandemic delays, but when I received my package it wasn’t in the stealth package with a shirt I paid 20 extra for and I was 10 seeds short (two different five packs) I emailed them and they responded and when I told them they just stopped responding. seeds that I did get though worked great! Dont think I will be usimg them again though which stinks because I found them from gorilla but I now dont feel good about them either. and if I end up ordering again I hope it goes better
My honest review.
#cannabisseeds #killabeezseeds

Hey Killa-beez Frank.M here and i have 4 strains to review for you, 3 of which are brand new and some of the 1st to be grown in the country.

1.Strawberry Lemonade (Female) – Gorgeous smell of both strawberry and lemonade ( I mean lemonade not plain or strong lemon citrus smell you get with a lot of other strains, you could actually smell LEMONADE along with extremely sweet Strawberry and a very, very strong Cannabis smell, it kind of reminded me of a Afghani Skunk indoor female but give it the Strawberry Lemonade taste and smell. As for crystal and resin content both were very high especially the crystals, it only took just under half oz. being put through the grinder an i had enough skiffer to put in my 420formax and make approx 2.7g- 3.0 gram solid crystal puck and anyone who makes they’re own pucks can tell you you need a lot of crystal to make them, remember i said you need to use approx half oz. Altogether a healthy full sized female can yield anywhere between 3oz to 7oz depending on growing conditions, my personal harvest was 4.29oz (after drying).

2.L.S.D-25 (Auto) – A medium to tall thin branched plant but thick dark deep red/black buds, quite a fast grower, heavy heavy crystal coverage, extremely potent live resin even hallucinogenic if you take the time to collect it, it’s well worth it but be warned its really not for beginners it will guarantee a whitie or even a freak out if the smoker isn’t ready for it. For the experienced smokers once it’s dried and ready to smoke its one of those strains that overall make you feel better, the taste and smell is strong chemical berry, you can tell its special as soon as you grow, cut, dry and taste, then you get to feel it 😉 NOTE. nice strain to eat and cook with.

3.Black Valium (Auto) – Overall stunning plant from beginning to end, ended 4.6ft tall, approx 4-5oz yield, again heavy crystal cover over dense orange/green buds, high T.H.C content another good strain for pain use and sleep as it can be quite heavy so a good one for people who like a strong joint in the evenings.

4.Gorillagasm (Auto) – Very fast growing auto, if you want some quality green and you want it fast this is a seed you need to be checking out. It’s a high T.H.C content strain but rather than being a couchlock heavy stoned it’s more of an uplifting mood changer, like the Black Valium Auto the buds on the gorillagasm are gold/orange/green coloured and absolutely covered in crystal, another thing with this strain when dried right it is very sticky and when ripped a really nice different type of sweet smell gets unleashed.

I also have 3 monster mass auto’s and when they’re done i’ll let you know what the verdict is on them, Thanks

Forgot to mention while reviewing your seeds while dealing with your personnel i must say they were extremely helpful also very prompt delivery with products, i found the whole experience of shopping with quick, helpful and friendly, i will be placing further orders shortly, thank you again…

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