Your Order will from Killabeez seeds

On this page, we explain exactly what you receive from Killabeez Seedbank when you create an order.

Your Killabeez seed bank order will be posted using a plain metallic blue postal bag - this will have your postal address, the royal mail postage, and a return address label. Larger orders will be posted using larger A4 mailing bags. Our orders will require a signature from you on delivery.

About our Collector Cannabis Seeds.

All the cannabis seeds sold on this website are sold as collectible genetic preservation souvenirs. Each breeder has their own unique souvenir gift packaging and includes a legal disclaimer stating the laws regarding the germination of cannabis seeds. All cannabis seeds sold from this website are genuine souvenir articles, both the packaging and the price reflect this.


We do not engage in discussions regarding the growing of cannabis and we will refuse sale to any person who we suspect may cultivate cannabis or break the law. We do not sell or give away any paraphernalia which may be connected to the consumption of illegal drugs.

We are a law-abiding company and we respect the laws. Please read our legal disclaimer for more information!