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Cannabis Trends change over time. Back in the day it was Kush, that changed to Cheese, now were into the Gelato, Cookies and Runtz. We’ve compiled the top trend in cannabis strains here for easy browsing. If we spot the emergence of a big boy cannabis strain family coming your way, we’ll list it as a trending cannabis strain sharing and making these great new popular cannabis genetics as available as we can. If your looking for the latest cannabis genetics - look no further than the trending categories below.

Cookies strains
Wedding Cake Strains
Runtz Strains

Each year, we see 2-3 strains that are at least twice as popular as the remaining contenders. Our site searches for these cannabs genetics are always really high in the lead up to cannabis strain release dates. In recent times we’ve noticed families with dessert flavour profiles performing exceeding well, namely - Cookies, Gelato’s & Wedding Cake. The Sherbets & Runtz are equally fashionable with our sweet candy connoisseur.

  • New Sweet Candy Flavour Profiles

  • New Dessert Bakery Flavour Profiles

  • Mental THC Ratings 26%

  • 2021 Cannabis Genetics

Wanna grow a beast? Grow Gorilla!! Gorilla genetics named that way for a reason - immense THC , immense Yields - buds which are spectacular in colour, flavour and aroma. If you want hardy and seriously robust genetics from a high yielder - please look carefully through our hand picked Gorilla Strains, you’ll find a beast mother there for sure!