Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds will only grow female plants.

Feminized Seeds have been used by growers since the 1990's when Dutch Passion produced the first ever fully feminized cannabis strain for sale. Female cannabis plants are guaranteed to provide HighTHC seedless Buds providing there are no male planys present to pollinate.

All Feminized seeds sold are selected from established seed banks with a proven track record.

  • 100% Feminized Strains

  • Stable & Independant.

  • Massive Choice!

  • Simple & Easy

  • The way forward

Feminized Seeds
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  1. Caramel Kush
    • 21% THC, Deep Stone
    • Sweet, Sugary Flavour
    • 100% Indica
    • Fast Flowering: <60 Days
    Out of stock
    ...nt Like Kush!   Caramel Kush is a purely Indica strain, and is the result of carefully back crossing of the Kosher Kush strain and hybridisation with the Indica Mother phenotype. It is a very strong plant, with 21%+ level of THC coursing through i...
  2. California Kush
    • Potent Bud: 20% THC
    • Quick: 55 - 60 Days to Flower
    • Huge Yields: 550gr/m2
    • Hand Picked Indica Genetics
    Out of stock
    ...n.   Genetically engineered to bring you the very best Californian Indica hybrid, California Kush has high yields, great effects, and no surprises. Get some classic stone. California Kush was achieved by cross breeding the very best Californian I...
  3. Bubble Gum Fast
    • Early September Outdoors
    • Very Resilient Plant
    • Stimulating, Mental High
    • Delicious Flavours
    Out of stock
    ... Seed This strain has clear intentions: rapid growth, massive yield. And it delivers. This easy to grow cannabis seed is the one stop shop for people who don’t want to mess around, and who need good results quickly. Bubble Gum Fast is a vigorous s...
  4. Chocolate Skunk
    • 45 - 50 Days to Flower
    • 550gr/m2 Yields
    • Highly Potent: 20% THC
    • Beautiful, Indica Hybrid
    Out of stock
    ...row.   00 Seeds Chocolate Skunk is ready to harvest in record time. 00 Seeds did what they do best and coaxed this strain into taking only 45 - 50 days to complete its life cycle: this is an extremely quick flowering plant. It doesn’t skimp on y...
  5. Chocolate Skunk CBD
    • 6 - 9% CBD and THC
    • 50 - 55 Days Flowering Time
    • 550gr/m2 Yields
    • 70 - 100cm Height
    Out of stock
    ...hocolate Skunk CBD. This is a perfectly balanced medical strain, suited both to those with pains to cure, or just for people who wish for something a little less mind blowing than the regular products. Chocolate Skunk CBD contains between 6% and 9% ...
  6. Blueberry

    00 Seeds
    • Incredible, Blueberry Flavour
    • Potent Indica: 19% THC
    • Quick to Flower: 50 - 55 Days
    • Generous Yields: 450gr/m2
    ...ection.   This cannabis classic hardly needs an introduction, having been around since the 80’s and consistently delivering, this cannabis seed is a must for any serious connoisseur. There is a reason that this is one of the most popular cannabi...
  7. Sweet Soma

    00 Seeds
    Sweet Soma
    • Robust and Vigorous
    • <75 Days Indoors | Mid Oct Outdoors
    • Strong, Long Lasting Effects
    • Sweet, Fruity Flavours
    ...or a variety of environments.   Suited equally to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Sweet Soma is a robust phenotype with copious resin production. Faring well outdoors, and yielding better results for those who are able to give it the necessar...
  8. Sweet Critical
    • Critical Mass Genetics
    • Potent: 21% THC
    • Fast Flowering: <50 Days
    • Great Yields: 550gr/m2
    Out of stock
    ...   00 Seeds took this strain from Switzerland and perfected it. What we’re given is a very strong, delicious cannabis plant with a speedy turnaround. This is a variety of Critical Mass that emerged from the Swiss Alps. Quickly becoming a favour...
  9. Dos Si Dos Cookies
    • Dos Si Dos x Girl Scout Cookies
    • Delicious, Complex Flavours
    • 50 - 55 Days to Flower
    • Forgiving to Grow
    ...icated Flavours.   This piece of genetic brilliance is a rapid flowering, high potency powerhouse. For lovers of true Cali cannabis, Dos Si Dos Cookies cannot be left ungrown. This strain has its roots in California, and it doesn’t disappoint. B...
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