Big Head Autoflowering Seeds

The Highest Yielding Available today!!

Big Head Seeds are also known for their outstanding selection of high yielding autoflowering genetics, they have some top listed delights like their recently released Trippy Sherbert Punch Auto which is a fine Indica dominant hybrid boasting 22% THC .

Please also checkout Big Head Super Fast Auto - This ones done in 49 days!

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Big Head Autoflowering Seeds
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  1. Trippy Sherbert Punch Auto
    • Strong: 22% THC
    • Easy to Cultivate
    • Tingly, Diesel Flavours
    • Ready within 56 Days
    ...ominant Hybrid. Bighead Seeds have crossed Purple Punch and Sherbert to create something wonderful. Then they crossed it again with Ruderalis to bring you an auto flowering gem. Aggressive and speedy, this resilient plant will take care of itself. ...
  2. Gorilla Cookies Auto Seeds
    • Well Balanced, Sativa Leaning
    • GSC x Gorilla Lineage
    • Ready in only 56 Days
    • Copius Resin Production
    ...serious development, built on a well loved genetic framework. Basically, all your favourite strains rolled into one, then turned into an auto flowering powerhouse. Girl Scout Cookies x Gorilla Glue brought us the amazing Gorilla Cookies. This was the...
  3. Dogstar Dawg Auto

    Big Head Seeds
    Dogstar Dawg Auto
    • Powerful: 24% Sativa
    • Dank Diesel Flavours
    • Ready in 56 Days
    • Energetic and Euphoric
    ...ed with THC! This is an auto flowering take on the ever popular Dogstar Dawg strain. Bred from the Chemdawg line, it brings all your favourite traits over into a low maintenance plant. A potent hybrid, Dogstar Dawg leans towards the Sativa end of t...
  4. Bighead Superfast Auto
    • Well Balanced Hybrid
    • Potent: 18 - 20% THC
    • Secret Genetic Ingredient
    • Smooth, Fragrant Taste
    ...train from Bighead Bighead Seeds have bred a spectacularly fast auto flowering plant here. By crossing the Critical strain with Ruderalis and some top secret genetics, they’ve managed to get an auto flowering strain which is ready for harvest wit...
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